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New Hobby Hopefully!

I really want to start gardening.  I have basil, mint, lemon thyme, and parsley growing in my kitchen window and it’s HUGE.  I’m super excited since I use all of those in basically everything I cook.  I planted my strawberries in my strawberry pot a week ago and I can’t wait to have strawberries!  Now I just have to defend them from the puppies who think the leaves are tasty.  I can’t imagine what they’ll do when they have fruit on them!

I really want a real garden, though.  I had seedlings planted of spinach, sweet peppers, cherry and yellow tomatoes, sugar snap peas, watermelon, etc.  There’s a deck that Buddy promised he would turn into a garden for me (it’s not where a deck should be and completely useless so we figured since there’s no grass underneath, it would be a good place to start!).  Of course, the Air Force sent him out every weekend for the last two months and now he’s gone for a month, so it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.  I thought about doing it myself, but it requires using a saw which I’ve never done before and feel that it would be a bad idea for me to attempt to learn when there’s no one in my house should I cut off my arm or something.

Now I’ve been researching other ways to garden that might be more productive and maybe higher than my dogs’ mouths.  One of my friends has been posting some cool sites with ideas.  I really like the one with the shoe hanger thing, except that I need to find somewhere to hang it that it wouldn’t be in the way.

The whole back of our house is basically windows which I REALLY don’t want to block since there’s already so little sunlight up here.   Maybe I’ll attempt it this week and see how it goes!


Comments on: "New Hobby Hopefully!" (2)

  1. The shoe thing looks great, but I dunno if they mentioned or not…. if you live in a warm area it’ll be hard to keep it moist. Thats the biggest problem with container gardens, but its not gonna stop me! 😀

    • Yeah, I don’t live in anywhere close to a warm area (Seattle) so that won’t be a problem here! haha

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