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Buddy had his physical today that he has to do once a year (and had to get done before he left for Altus) which includes your normal physical stuff, plus the dentist and a couple of other things.  Everything checked out fine, but the dentist decided that one of his molars has to be taken out.  She wanted to DNIF (Duties Not to Include Flying… a four-letter word to pilots) him for 30 days to get it fixed.  After some begging at the flight doc, he agreed to let Buddy have the surgery on Monday afternoon, go DNIF for 72 hours, and if everything goes well (no dry sockets or anything), he can get off DNIF status in time to go to Altus.  What this means is, it could potentially be a very small roadblock or a very big one.  I’m just asking for all of your prayers/thoughts/dances that Buddy recovers quickly and is able to go to Altus for his Aircraft Commander training that he’s so excited about.